Andy Lopata will bring an expertise in networking strategies while Alan Stevens will
contribute his experience of PR and reputation management. Both have expertise
in the use of social media sites, although this is not a central focus of the sessions.

The programme will focus on reputation and profile management at three levels:

  •  For the individual – within their organisation and industry, for their team

and for career development

  •  For the organisation – within their industry, their community and to key


  •  For Beirut and Lebanon as a business destination.





Employer Brand Conference is the largest Lebanese gathering of leaders in employer branding in the one place at the same time.


With a vision to advance employer brand excellence, the Employer Branding Conference connects companies from Lebanon and Middle East with the industry’s top employer branding leaders, agencies and communities to share and discuss global best practice in a friendly and welcoming environment for all levels.


​Join us in Lebanon when leaders of several nationalities and expertise will come together for a world class ADVANCED LEARNING, NETWORKING and CULTURAL experience that will inspire you to take positive action to prepare and adapt to the future of work.

The biggest international event in 2019 for managers, sales directors, sales people.


                           SUCCESS SALE In   10 STEPS ___________________________________________________________________

       For sure you have heart about Kevin Hogan`s Sales System, which corporate employees are learning around the world, and all others had the chance to meet him during the Influence: Boot Camp event.

       Now Kevin Hogan comes to Romania to demonstrate to you how to win regular customers and develop business relations in a new company. Over the last 25 years, the world of sales has changed radically.

       Many sales techniques, once very effective (“high pressure”), today no longer generate sales results. That`s why Kevin created his system to be able to sell almost anything to almost anyone in any industry.

      During the workshop with Kevin you will learn both sales techniques , through which you gain new clients, as well as the best strategies that will allow you to keep as many existing customers.

      You will learn, step by step , the whole system: from the beginning to the end. And in each of the 10 steps you will learn at least one new skill.

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