Straight Line Persuasion


Sales are the oxygen of any organization, and without oxygen the organization dies. Now more than ever, persuasion, whether you are a seller, a buyer or a leader, is just the difference that makes the difference.


Today, Jordan Belfort's Straight Line Persuasion System program allows it to prepare any company or individual, regardless of age, background, social status or experience, and helps them achieve immediate results, abundance and success without compromising their integrity or ethics.


Come to learn from the real wolf on Wall Street. You saw the movie, now meet Jordan Belfort!


Jordan's Straight Line Persuasion system is designed to align the power needed to generate success in any business environment. You will learn the key business and persuasion factors, as well as the specific strategies and techniques needed to build, manage, promote and grow the company at the highest level.


What will you learn at this conference?


This conference focuses on the famous Straight Line Persuasion,

- how can you convince anyone - without breaking the ethics - to do anything –


PLUS how to increase your revenue, sales, closing rate and confidence.

Before you decide to take part, you or your team, see the top 10 things that Jordan will address at this conference.


Top 10 things you'll learn:


  1. The secret to ending any business with calm and constant every time without the slightest trace of pressure

It is elegant, classic and extremely efficient. You will learn how to create an instant report, how to control the conversation with skill and how to successfully complete the sale.


  1. The Art and Science of Straight Line Persuasion

You will learn how to develop a sales channel of millions of euros.


  1. The four key elements to create ethical presentations that actually lead to the end of the business

Most sales presentations are totally wrong and they actually stop you from closing the sale you've proposed.


  1. How to quickly get in touch with potential customers and how to use it to gather massive information.

Using Straight Line Persuasion, potential customers will be prone to trust you, so they will tell you what their highest values are, but also what is their greatest pain. With this information, you maximize your sixth to end the business with at least 60%.


  1. How to immediately counter the buyer's objections and limiting beliefs, how to turn skeptics into buyers.

This technique is the secret of the Straight Line Persuasion system and will prompt your customers to buy. That's a huge difference between saying, "You have to buy" and say, "I want to buy."


  1. The Straight Line Negotiation process step by step

You will also find the 7 magic words that allow you to get the lowest prices every time as both seller and buyer. You will also know how to use the 5 Straight Line elements to build a logical and emotional discussion scenario, elegant and efficient.


  1. The 4 basic elements of the internal game.

These four elements are absolutely essential to your success, it determines your mental state and dominates in any business situation. If you miss even one of them, you will end up sabotaging your own success!


  1. Formula in 10 steps to build a stream of recommendations and get customers for life.

With this proven formula, you will make your life a thousand times lighter.


  1. And, again, this is just the beginning.

Once you've participated in Jordan's training, Straight Line Persuasion, you'll just be unstoppable. You will think, feel and act on a higher level.


  1. Increase sales teams

Training, Managing and motivating your team to generate world-class performance. You will find the top 9 destructive operational mistakes that ruin your business and you will know how to use Straight Line Marketing cumulatively (creating an efficient online or offline system that works hand in hand with your sales efforts.)


What do you lose if you do not participate?

  • You will not personally know the most persuasive Wall Street salesman!
  • You will not get in touch with the strongest method of persuasion in sales, business and personal life: Straight Line Persuasion System.
  • Jordan is committed to showing you how you can replicate his strategies for massive success without grappling with the problems he has had.
  • Whenever you do not complete a business or fail to be convincing enough, you lose time, money, energy, resources, reputation, customers, partners or even your busy position.

The legitimate question that anyone can put is:

How much does it cost to attend this event?

But the pragmatic question you can ask is:

How much does it cost you not to attend this event?

Who is this event addressed to?

  • persons involved in the negotiations

  • directors who coordinate sales teams

  • sales teams

  • top and middle management staff

  • staff working in customer care

  • the telesales staff

  • consultants, coaches and trainers

  • marketing managers

  • staff working in online marketing

  • staff working in direct marketing

  • purchasers (buyers)

  • staff working in Retail

  • entrepreneurs

  • people who want to increase their persuasion

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